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International Travel


Since 1985, the State System of Higher Education Summer Honors Program has provided the best students in Pennsylvania state system with a unique learning experience. The 2015 program will continue this tradition of academic excellence as we embark on this inaugural venture to Norway. Norway will function as a laboratory for PASSHE Honors students to gain insights to a rich cultural history, scenic grandeur, and critical lessons in leadership and environmental stewardship.

This project benefits greatly from WCU's relationship with the American College of Norway (A.C.N.). A.C.N., a one year college with the mission of preparing Norwegian students for American education, has graciously agreed to serve as our host and will house students and faculty in suite-style lodging on A.C.N.'s campus.

Norway provides a valuable context for imparting strong curricular lessons. Our program proposes two primary academic foci, leadership for peace and environmental sustainability. At the center of the leadership component is the connection made with the Nobel Peace Institute. Students will meet with members of the actual selection committee for the Nobel Peace Prize and use their formal deliberation rooms to select the name of a candidate that will then be formally submitted for consideration. In preparation, students will study past Nobel Laureates, the rhetoric of their acceptance speeches, and the impact receiving the award had on the cause they championed.

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