International Travel

West Chester University’s Honors College supports International Travel and Global Experiences. The mission of the Honors College Study Abroad Program is the help students observe leadership and service in international community settings. Our students will learn how to:

  • Support pre-existing organizations as they build foundations for future generations and gain intercultural skills, adaptability, and confidence.
  • Develop global-minded leadership within their fields
  • Connect in-class academic learning to real-life examples of service, leadership, and teamwork
  • Learn and understand cultural practices and traditions
  • Gain global perspectives in relation to civic engagement


The Irish Media Experience offers students a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain first-hand exposure to the culture and media systems in one of the most dynamic environments in Europe: The Republic of Ireland. Through a combination of learning modalities students learn about the Easter Rising in 1916 and other significant events significantly impacting Irish newspapers, films, music, broadcast stations and internet operations.

South Africa

Since 2001, every other year, the Honors College sends a delegation of students to South Africa to participate in a variety of community engagement, research, and service activities to enrich student understanding of international relationship building and assist them in learning the concepts of philanthropy and good stewardship on the social level.


As the ultimate symbol of leadership and positive change, the Nobel Peace Prize represents an important lens of study for our Honors College students. The Honors College created the Nobel Peace Leadership Series as a way to promote peace, engage students in lessons of leadership, and motivate youth to be leaders and active agents for positive social change. Students have a chance to learn a thorough history of past Nobel Laureates and compose a formal submission to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

Internship Opportunity

Our students have had the opportunity to live in Oslo for three months during the Fall semester and work directly with the five members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. They assisted the program manager in facilitating the Nobel Peace Research Seminars, provided logistics for the Nobel Peace Forum, and helped with Nobel Peace events. This opportunity is available to a rising senior or graduate student.

Jocelyn Brown

Jocelyn Brown

In Fall 2022, Jocelyn interned with the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo, Norway. She used this opportunity to turn her capstone into revamping the 2020 Honors study abroad class that never got to go to Norway because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jocelyn collected resources about curriculum ideas on Norwegian history, peace, and sustainability. Her outline emphasized best practices and pedagogies, safety precautions, and inclusivity in how to plan future trips. She also conducted community outreach and site visits to major cultural sites around Oslo to map possible class excursions. Jocelyn worked closely with her coworkers at the Nobel Institute to ensure that West Chester's student delegation to the 2022 Peace Prize Ceremony and Forum had a great, educational time.