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Honors Student Association

The Honors Student Association (HSA) provides its members with social and service opportunities aimed toward building its members' characters and fostering a commitment to lifelong learning. Paralleling the goals of West Chester University's Honors College, HSA prepares students to become forces for positive change in both the campus and broader community with focus on leadership, academia, and service.

Thanks to all of the HSA members who completed a combined 2,860 hours of community service this past year!

In recognition, HSA received the Community Service Leadership Award for 2014-2015.

Community Service

Throughout the year, HSA offers its members opportunities to volunteer many hours of service on campus, in the local West Chester community, and surrounding areas. Community service is at the tenets of HSA because HSA's members believe being able to focus time and attention on someone else's needs not only sets a foundation for leadership ability but parallels one's character. As Dr. Dorothy Height, a great civil and women's rights activist once said, "without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop." Some projects and events they participate in includes Adopt-a-Block, food drives, Fall Clean-up at the Hickman, various needs at the Friends Association, service trips abroad, American Red Cross Blood Drives, WCU Banana Day, and fundraising runs on campus such as the Bringing Hope Home Halloween 5k.


HSA provides students with opportunities to put leadership into practice. The organization offers upwards of twenty-five formal leadership positions, including executive-leadership roles and committee positions. Through entirely student-planned social events, service efforts, and meetings HSA allows members to utilize hallmarks of leadership, including creativity, delegation, communication, and team building. Additionally, leadership development is encouraged throughout the organization through programming aimed at developing more engaged and active leaders and citizens.


While service and leadership inspire much of the programming of HSA, a passion for celebrating and promoting academia remains a common thread throughout the organization. HSA organizes events such as the Outstanding Faculty Reception, which recognizes faculty members who students have identified as providing excellence in the classroom. Additionally, HSA has worked to partner student-to-faculty research partnerships, most recently resulting in the publication of project contributed to by HSA's Erin Yentz related to the Literacy and Cultural Heritage Map of Pennsylvania.

Executive Board

Shannon Shiring
  • Shannon Shiring
  • Position: President
  • Major: French
  • Class Year: Senior
Anthony Fallacaro
  • Anthony Fallacaro
  • Position: First Vice President
  • Major: Middle Grades Prep
  • Class Year: Junior
Jaclyn Giovinazzo
  • Jaclyn Giovinazzo
  • Position: Second Vice President
  • Major: Chemistry-Biology (Pre-Medical)
  • Class Year: Senior
Erica Knorr
  • Erica Knorr
  • Position: Secretary
  • Major: Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology
  • Class Year: Sophomore
Matt Jung
  • Matt Jung
  • Position: Treasurer
  • Major: Nursing
  • Class Year: Sophomore

Committee Chairs

Aid to South Africa Executive Director

Claire McCreavy
  • Claire McCreavy
  • Major: Public Health
  • Class Year: Sophomore


Dallas Commons
  • Dallas Commons
  • Major: Marketing
  • Class Year: Junior

Awards & Recognition

Samantha Roberts
  • Samantha Roberts
  • Major: Chemistry-Biology
  • Class Year: Junior

Community Service

Riley Orr
  • Riley Orr
  • Major: Early Grades Preparation
  • Class Year: Sophomore

Curriculum & Community

Abbey Bigler
  • Abbey Bigler
  • Major: English: Writings
  • Class Year: Junior


Sigfried Aragona
  • Sigfried Aragona
  • Major: Nursing
  • Class Year: Junior


Emily Stockmal
  • Emily Stockmal
  • Major: Nursing
  • Class Year: Senior

Graduate Fair Coordinator

Kaitlyn Blair
  • Kaitlyn Blair
  • Major: Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Class Year: Junior


Sarah Henry
  • Sarah Henry
  • Major: Psychology
  • Class Year: Junior


Anna Dyska
  • Anna Dyska
  • Major: Mathematics Education
  • Class Year: Sophomore

HSA Happenings Editor

Max James
  • Max James
  • Major: English
  • Class Year: Sophomore

International Outreach

Esin Namoglu
  • Esin Namoglu
  • Major: Biology
  • Class Year: Junior

Involvement Coordinator

Kellen Kane
  • Kellen Kane
  • Major: Biology: Cell &o; Molecular (Pre-Dental)
  • Class Year: Senior

Library Resources

Jessica Gallo
  • Jessica Gallo
  • Major: Biology
  • Class Year: Junior

Music & Performing Arts

Lindsey Anna
  • Lindsey Anna
  • Major: Spanish
  • Class Year: Sophomore

Choir Director

Blair Cunningham
  • Blair Cunningham
  • Major: Music Education & Violin Performance
  • Class Year: Junior

Dance Team

Archana Chungapally
  • Archana Chungapally
  • Major: Biology: Cell & Molecular (Pre-Medical)
  • Class Year:

Jazz Combo Director

Ben Doersom
  • Ben Doersom
  • Major: Music Performance: Jazz
  • Class Year: Senior

Peer Mentor Coordinator

Micaela Forsyth
  • Micaela Forsyth
  • Major: Biology: Cell & Molecular
  • Class Year: Junior

Public Relations - External

Alexander Schmidt
  • Alexander Schmidt
  • Major: English: Literature
  • Class Year: Sophomore

Public Relations - Internal

Taylor McCahan
  • Taylor McCahan
  • Major: Communication Studies
  • Class Year: Junior


Hannah Laboski
  • Hannah Laboski
  • Major: Early Grades Prep
  • Class Year: Sophomore

SGA Representative

Robert Clark
  • Robert Clark
  • Major: Mathematics Education
  • Class Year: Sophomore


Courtney Brennan
  • Courtney Brennan
  • Major: Communicative Sciences and Disorders
  • Class Year: Sophomore

Sports & Recreation

Matthew Crider
  • Matthew Crider
  • Major: Accounting
  • Class Year: Junior


Jason Miller
  • Jason Miller
  • Major: Biology: Ecology
  • Class Year: Junior


Diego Jorge
  • Diego Jorge
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Class Year: Sophomore

Traveling Across Generations (TAG)

Stephanie Binder
  • Stephanie Binder
  • Major: Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Class Year: Senior