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Dub-C Autism Program (D-CAP)


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Dub-C Autism Program (D-CAP)

Cherie Fishbaugh MA, BCBA, BS-L (PA)
Director of Autism Services

20 Linden St.
West Chester, PA 19383

Mission Statement

The mission of D-CAP is to build an inclusive and accepting campus community to better support the experience and success of our students with ASD through indirect and direct supports.

  • Provide indirect supports to create a welcoming and supportive campus environment by raising awareness and acceptance of ASD. D-CAP provides training opportunities to all members of campus (faculty, staff, and peers).
  • Provide direct supports in the 5 key areas of: executive functioning, self-care, social competence, self-advocacy, and career preparation. Supports are provided via skill development and group sessions as well as social opportunities.

Why D-CAP:

  1. Have a place to belong. Come and hang out, meet others with ASD, and engage in social opportunities (on and off campus).
  2. Have a judgement free environment to ask questions, discuss experiences, and better understand the changes of lifestyle/education/social interactions when going to college.
  3. Learn functional, independent adult living skills (including organization and time management).
  4. Learn professional skills to enhance job searching, resume building, and employment sustainability.