How to Apply

Eligibility for D-CAP

1. Accepted to WCU as a matriculated student

2. Part-time and Full-time students are eligible

3. Independently attended class the last two years of high school, or a minimum of 1 year at a community college. (Does not require 1:1 assistance in classroom, unless medical necessity approved by OEA)

How to Apply

Application and acceptance to D-CAP is separate and in addition to admissions to West Chester University.

To apply to D-CAP, WCU accepted students must submit the following:

  1. A Clinical Psychological evaluation (dated within 3 years of application)
    • The evaluation confirms ASD diagnosis, any co-morbid diagnosis(es), student's strengths, and recommendations for support areas.
  2. The most recent student IEP/504 plan (if applicable within last 3 years)
  3. A Completed Student Intake Form or apply on line
  4. Confirmation of registration with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (PA resident only)

Each application will be reviewed by staff for completion and to ensure that requirements are met. Upon review, if student meets requirements AND documentation supports that D-CAP can be helpful for the student’s individual needs, the student will be contacted via WCU email (or provided email) and invited to a meeting with the director.



The cost is Tier 1: $4480.00/semester, Tier 2: $2480.00/semester, or Tier 3: $1440/Semester. Funding may be available via the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, click to register for PA services


Submit applications for D-CAP to:

  • Cherie Fishbaugh, Director of Autism Services
  • Email Cherie Fishbaugh 
  • 610-436-3168
  • 20 Linden St.
  • West Chester University
  • West Chester, PA 19383-8133
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