Scholarship Opportunities

Awarding Scholarships

ROTC offers four, three-and-a-half, three, two-and-a-half, and two year scholarships worth up to 100 percent of the cost of tuition and general fees per year. Additionally, these scholarships may be used towards room and board (up to $10,000/year) in lieu of tuition and fees. These are competitively awarded to the most deserving scholars, athletes, and leaders! While the majority of our students are undergraduate students, we are open to graduate students.

High school students can apply on-line at

College Students

Additionally, the university graciously provides financial support to students enrolled in Army ROTC. The ROTC department provides scholarships from this support in varying amounts. First-year students have an opportunity to earn a $500 scholarship by enrolling in the program and meeting certain requirements. Please contact the ROTC program for more information.

Various other scholarships are often provided through the generous donation of veterans organizations through the WCU Foundation.

Visit Financial Aid for additional scholarship opportunities.

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