Your Career

Major/Career Web Exploration Learn about yourself...

What are your interests, skills, and values related to majors and careers? Use the following websites to help answer these questions. Some will also suggest majors for you to consider - based on your input.

Learn about majors and their course requirements...

Review a list of all the available WCU majors in the WCU Undergraduate Course Catalog. Cross off any majors that you're definitely NOT interested in. Then narrow your search: circle only the ones that you find most interesting!

Now, look for more information in the Catalog. For each major, you can read a description of the department/major/degree program. Which ones grab your attention?

Also, find the course requirements for the major that are in that department - for example, which ACC courses are required for an Accounting degree or a degree in Music Performance? Read the course descriptions. Do they sound interesting to you? Do you think you could do well in them?

Learn about careers related to your majors of interest...

Use any of the following websites to find out "What can I do with this major?"

Use the following websites to get more specific information about occupations including income and future job market predictions through 2018.

Learn from other sources of information...

Use the resources at the Career Development Center - 225 Lawrence Center, 610-436-2501

Talk to students and faculty in your major areas of interest, and talk to people who are working in career fields that you're interested in to get a real-life perspective.

Compare your options...

Use this online decision-making tool to compare majors based on what is important to you

Start looking for opportunities to visit people in their workplace, and interview them about what they do. Speak with your Academic Advisor about your ideas and questions - we're here to help. Also - the Career Development Center can be a great resource for information, they're on the 2nd floor of Lawrence Hall.

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