Advising Tips

Some of the important ways we help:

  1. Suggest courses suitable for your majors or assist you to explore your interests.
  2. Guide you to electronically request change of major via the link in your myWCU.
  3. Refer you to important academic support services and WCU resources.
  4. Your advisor at least once every semester - you set up an appointment prior to your scheduling date.

Why Make an Appointment?

  1. Your advisor will guide you to select courses intended for your desired major. He will also lift the advising hold on your account, indicating that you have been properly advised to schedule the appropriate courses for the following semester.
  2. Your advisor will help you through the process of choosing the major that's right for you.
  3. You will work with your advisor to identify your interests, strengths, and weaknesses as they relate to majors.
  4. Your advisor can provide you with valuable options, accurate information, connections to campus resources, and timely referrals.
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