Faculty List


Francis Atuahene, Associate Vice President of Student Success (Interim)

Marie Bunner, Academic Development Program Advisor, Assistant Director

Ann Lieberman Colgan, Exploratory Studies Advisor, Director (Interim)

John Craig, Academic Development Program Advisor, Director

Tiffany Jones, Academic Development Program Learning Specialist

John Kinslow, Exploratory Studies Advisor; EDS Department Chair

Courtney Lloyd, Exploratory Studies Advisor

Jocelyn Manigo, Learning Assistance Resource Center Director

Bruce Norris, Professional Studies Director

Martin Patwell, Office of Educational Accessibility Director

Sharon Watson, Office of Educational Accessibility Advisor


Kaitlyn Crouse (Assistant Director, LARC)

Jacob Maxwell (Achieve! Student Success Coordinator)

Juanita Wooten (Student Success Coordinator, ADP)

Andria Young (Administrative Assistant, Deans Office)

Bernadette Forte, (Office Support, LARC)

Carol Doer (Office Support, ADP)

Cynthia Pistritto (Administrative Support, Professional Studies)

Linda Missanelli (Office Support, Exploratory Studies)

Linda Laskaris (Office Support, LARC)



Dr. John Kinslow
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