Student Experience Council

Mission: The Student Experience Council provides a platform for key offices that interface with students to learn directly from students about their experiences with WCU processes, procedures, and culture in order to collaborate and coordinate around strategies, projects, and information focused on delivering the best possible experience to our students.

Approach: The Council meets monthly.  Students, faculty, and staff members work together in the meeting to generate discussion questions for students to take to their networks and peer groups for discussion. Then, at the following meeting, students share what they learned, and new discussion topics are generated.  When appropriate, task groups are created to respond to information shared by students.

Interested in joining: contact Tabetha Adkins at

Faculty/ Staff Members:

Dr. Tabetha Adkins (co-chair)

Dr. Nicole Bennett
Dr. Marie Bunner
Dr. Lisa Calvano
Dr. Kathleen Howley
Dr. Tammy James
Megan Jerabek
Rachel Komlos
Dr. Jocelyn Manigo
Ben Morgan
Dr. Cheryl Neale-McFall
Tori Nuccio
Catherine Oberholtzer
Michael Reno
Kristy Slusser

Student Members:

Jodeane Ashman
Evan Brooks
Natalia Donohue
Katherine Hutcheson
Armin Mahdavi
Helen-Cristina Mandanat
Alison E. Scott
Pamela Sola
Stacey A. Wallace

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