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Phillip K. Duncan (Retired)

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Wayne Hall
125 West Rosedale Avenue
West Chester, PA 19383

Undergraduate Office: 5th Floor Room 502
Phone: 610-436-2945
Undergraduate Email:

Graduate Office: 5th Floor Room 506
Phone: 610-436-2532
Graduate Email:

Phillip K. Duncan (Retired)

Phillip K. Duncan (Retired)
  • Emeritus Professor of Psychology
  • Ph.D., University of Florida

Courses Typically Taught

  • PSY327 Applied Behavior Analysis
  • PSY563 Performance Analysis & Engineering

Brief Description of Research Interests

Performance improvement in the workplace, esp. feedback & incentive systems; pay for performance systems.


  • Guest Professor, Hochschule Deggendorf, Deggendorf, Bavaria, Germany
  • Board of Trustee Member, Southeastern Pennsylvania Autism Resource Center (SPARC)
  • Board of Trustee Member, Charles S. Swope Memorial Scholarship Foundation

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