I/O Program Internship

I/O students meet with the I/O internship faculty instructor, who maintains a list of previous I/O internship sites. The student contacts a site representative and agrees upon a tentative set of experiences or projects, which are brought, in writing, to the faculty instructor. Upon approval by the instructor, the student begins the internship. The internship requires 300 clock hours of work. Students may develop and propose new internship sites, which may be approved by the faculty instructor.

Although we make every effort to facilitate the internship placement process, students are not guaranteed an internship assignment by merely interviewing with recommended sites. An internship is a job placement and it is ultimately the employer’s decision to hire. Therefore, students should be prepared to contact several sites and to be flexible, patient, and tenacious throughout the internship search process.

An internship evaluation instrument is developed by the intern and submitted to the site supervisor for his/her evaluation every two weeks. The intern is responsible for forwarding these completed evaluations to the faculty instructor every two weeks during the internship. The intern completes an internship evaluation paper at the completion of the internship. Failure to submit evaluations or the final paper will prevent awarding of a grade for the internship. Details about the requirements for the I/O internship are available from the faculty instructor.

View the Internship Syllabus, which contains more detailed information

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