Degree Requirements

  • Students must achieve satisfactory academic progress by maintaining the minimum GPA's for the program and core courses and Degree Candidacy sections of this Handbook and the related sections of the Graduate Catalog of West Chester University.

  • Degree students must repeat courses applied to their degree for which they received a grade of less than C+. Students may repeat courses to improve their grades, but only three courses may be repeated, and no course may be repeated more than once. A form for reporting repeated courses is available from The Graduate School or the Registrar, and must be filed with the registrar at the time of registration for the repeated course. A graduate student earning a 'D' or an 'F' in any course will be dismissed from the university, as will a graduate student who receives a third grade of C-, C, or C+, regardless of course repetitions.

  • Admission and degree candidacy in the Graduate program may be rescinded for reasons other than inadequate academic progress at three points in the program following admission: (a) Degree Candidacy, (b) Practicum selection, and (c) Practicum evaluation. If, in the judgment of the Graduate Committee, the best interests of the student and/or profession require that the student select a different program or withdraw from the Graduate program entirely, the student shall be so informed by the Graduate Coordinator at the time associated with the aforementioned three points. Every effort will be made to make such a decision at the earlier point in the student's tenure. A written summary of the Graduate committee's reasons for requiring a change in student status will be provided to the student at the interview.


Students must apply for graduation during the semester they intend to graduate. The following are deadline dates for applying to graduate: May graduation -- February 1st; August graduation -- June 1st; December graduation -- October 1st. Graduation applications can be obtained from The Graduate School. In the event the student does not graduate the semester they applied, the student must re-apply for graduation.