Deborah Mahlstedt (Retired)

Deborah Mahlstedt
  • Professor of Psychology
  • B.S., SUNY at Brockport
  • Ph.D., Temple University
  • Office Phone: 610-436-3523
  • Office Room Number: Wayne Hall 5th Floor Room 520
  • Preferred Means of Contact: Email
  • Email Deborah Mahlstedt

Office Hours

 Dr. Mahlstedt retired as of August, 2020.

Courses Typically Taught

  • Human Sex Behavior
  • Senior Seminar: Psychology of Social Change
  • Field Experience in Psychology: Fraternity Anti-Violence Education Project
  • Special Topics: Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention
  • Psychology of Women

Brief Description of Research Interests

My research interests center on models of prevention based on feminist psychology and small group processes. More specifically, my research program focuses on relationship and sexual violence prevention education for college men. A second line of research examines contemporary perspectives on feminist process.

Representative Publications

  • Parker, J & Mahlstedt, D. (2010). Language, power and sexual assault: Women's voices on rape and social change. In S. Behrens & J. Parker (Eds.) Language in the real world: An introduction to linguistics, pp.139-163. London, UK: Routledge.
  • Mahlstedt, D. & Welsh, L. (2005). Perceived causes of physical violence in heterosexual dating relationships. Violence Against Women, 11, 447-472.
  • Mahlstedt, D. & Doyon, D. (1999 release). Men's work: Fraternity brothers stopping violence against women. NYC, NY: Insight Media. In (2006). Men's Work was re-released as DVD by Insight Media.
  • Mahlstedt, D. (1999). Power, social change, and the process of feminist research. [Commentary], Psychology of Women Quarterly, 23(1) 111-115.
  • Mahlstedt, D., & Corcoran, C. (1999). Preventing dating violence. In S. Davis, M. Crawford, & J. Sebrechts (Eds.), Coming into her own: Educational success in girls and women. Jossey-Bass Inc., San Francisco, CA.
  • Corcoran, C., & Mahlstedt, D. (1998). Preventing sexual assault on campus: A feminist perspective. In C. Forden, A. Hunter, & B. Birns (Eds.), A psychology of women reader: Common and diverse experiences, pp. 289-297, Boston. MA: Allyn & Bacon.
  • Mahlstedt, D., & *Keeny, L. (1993). Female survivors of dating violence and their social networks. Feminism & Psychology, 3, 321-333.
  • Mahlstedt, D., Falcone, D., & *Rice-Spring, L. (1993). Dating violence education: What do students learn? Journal of Human Justice, 4, 101-117.

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