Comprehensive Examination

An end-of-program comprehensive exam is required for students in the Clinical program who do not conduct a Master's Thesis. Only students who have attained Full admission status and who have been admitted to Degree Candidacy may sit for the exam.

The comprehensive exam is offered once in the Fall (typically in late October or early November) and once in the Spring (typically, late in March or early in April). Students must register with the Graduate Coordinator approximately 4 weeks before the exam is given. The examination date, time and location will be posted outside the Graduate Coordinator's office, in the department office area, and announced in graduate classes.

Clinical comprehensives will be written by a committee of faculty. Case studies will be presented to be analyzed for diagnostic and treatment plans. In addition, topics relevant to ethics and cultural diversity may also be included. A handout of topics, suggested readings, and sample questions is prepared by the comprehensive committee and will be available from the Graduate Coordinator.

Grading of comprehensives will be done by a committee, and the final grade is a committee decision. Students who fail the comprehensive exam may be permitted to take the exam a second time at the discretion of the Graduate Committee. The comprehensive exam may be revised periodically, so students should check with their academic advisor about possible changes.