Clinical Concentration

The program in Clinical is designed for students who wish to work in human service settings such as community mental health facilities, hospitals, counseling centers and other social and rehabilitation agencies. The program will enable its graduates to pursue PA licensure as a Professional Counselor. In addition, the program can help prepare students for training at the doctoral level. Students planning on doctoral training are strongly encouraged to engage in research, through work on faculty projects, or through a Master's thesis.

Course Work

The Clinical program requires 36 semester hours of course work: PSY501, PSY502, 517, 524, 527, 540, 544, 549, 559, 595, 615 (2 hrs), and 616 (4-12 hrs). (Click on a course number to see the course name and catalog description.) In addition, 12 hours of electives must be taken from: PSY506, 509, 512, 513, 519, 521, 530, 543, 547, 565, 568, 581, 590, 600, 610, 616, EDC 521 (Human Development), & EDC 556 (Career Development). A student may request that courses not listed be accepted as electives by the Psychology Graduate Committee.

Here is an Advising Guide which lists typical course sequences and elective options for the Clinical concentration.

Core Courses

Students are expected to complete the Clinical core courses: PSY517, 527, 540, 544, 559, 595, and 615 with a minimum GPA of 3.25. Students who fail to meet the 3.25 GPA may repeat up to 9 hours. Failure to reach 3.25 after 9 repeated hours will result in termination from the program.

Degree Candidacy

Students must file for Degree Candidacy after completing 12-15 hours in the program. At least three core courses should be completed prior to applying for degree candidacy. Students typically file for candidacy after the first academic year of study. Forms are available from the Graduate Coordinator or from The Graduate School.