For current WCU undergraduate students interested in joining Dr. Gawrysiak’s lab, please consider the following:  

  • Work in Dr. Gawrysiak’s lab as a research assistant (RA) is typically done through enrolling into his PSY-410 course (Research in Psychology).
  • Dr. Gawrysiak typically offers PSY-410 each Fall and Spring semester and occasionally during winter and/or summer terms. 
    • Students may take PSY-410 up to 5 times for course credit (i.e., up to 15 total credits). 
  • Enrollment into PSY-410 requires Dr. Gawrysiak’s prior approval. 
    • Enrollment in PSY-410 with Dr. Gawrysiak entails a range of tasks, including, but not limited to: coordinating literature reviews, data entry, creating Qualtrics assessment batteries, photo-copying assessment measures, attending weekly lab meetings, attending weekly research study group meetings, preparing IRB proposals, preparing conference abstract submissions, preparing conference poster presentations. 
    • Students enrolling in PSY-410 in subsequent semesters with Dr. Gawrysiak have more flexibility and opportunity to develop their own research projects through mentored guidance from Dr. Gawrysiak. This is determined based on the match in interests between Dr. Gawrysiak and the student. 
  • If interested in joining BRAIN-MAP, please send Dr. Gawrysiak ( a brief email with the following information: your name, year in school, majors/minors, general areas of interest and reasons you’re interested in joining his lab (i.e., enrolling into PSY-410).   

For prospective graduate students (i.e., PsyD, MA) interested in joining Dr. Gawrysiak’s lab, please consider the following:  

  • Dr. Gawrysiak is a core clinical faculty within the WCU Clinical Psychology Doctoral (PsyD) Program. As such, he routinely assumes the role of research mentor to PsyD graduate students matriculating to the doctoral program. 
  • Dr. Gawrysiak highly values working with students with diverse ethnic/racial/cultural backgrounds and interests.  
  • If you’re interested in applying to the PsyD program and believe that Dr. Gawrysiak would be a potentially good match as a research mentor, please feel free to contact him to briefly share your interests and to inquire about any lab-specific questions (

**All program specific questions should be directed to the Director of Clinical Training, Dr. Angela Clarke (




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