Assessment and Testing

Psychological Evaluations and School Admissions Testing

There are a number of reasons why a child, adolescent or adult may seek a psychological evaluation. Some common reasons include problems with attention, difficulty with specific subjects (e.g. math, reading), learning difficulties, difficulty remembering information, mood changes, and/or behavioral problems that affect school, work or relationships. Our assessments start with a ~1 hour comprehensive interview to identify goals and testing needs. We suggest bringing any records (e.g. school, medical) that you’d like us to review to the interview session. In addition to face to face interviews with clients and/or their families, we might also consult with you to reach out to schools and/or other health care professionals, with your written permission. After the interview is complete, we will schedule a testing session that can last anywhere from 2-6 hours. Testing could be scheduled over more than one day and may include clinician-administered standardized tests and/or computer-based tests. Based on each client’s individual needs, testing may include assessment of intelligence, academic skills, attention, learning, memory, problem solving skills and mood/personality. We will schedule a feedback session a few weeks after the testing is completed and scored, to go over results, the report, and our recommendations. We are currently offering the following assessment services:

  • Cognitive Assessments for Independent School Admissions
  • Learning Disability Evaluations
  • Intelligence Testing
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorder Evaluations (e.g. ADHD)
  • Mood and Personality Assessments

Standard psychoeducational assessments are $900 (e.g. ADHD and learning disability). All other assessment pricing is determined after the initial intake is completed. Fees typically range from $400-$1,000 per evaluation. Fees for any follow-up psychotherapy services through our clinic are separate from the assessment cost and can be found on the Fees page. Please also note that we do not conduct forensic evaluations. See Exclusions for further information.