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Arts programs lower stress levels

The arts as therapy

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Arts classes may help relieve stress in kids from poor neighborhoods

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Chestnut Hill Local
Germantown residents bring music into Philadelphia schools,21797

K-12 Dive
Researchers find more reasons why the arts are good for young children

Pacific Standard
Arts rich preschool readies kids for learning

Pacific Standard
Arts education reduces the stress level of low-income students

Pacific Standard
Arts heavy preschool helps children grow emotionally

Philadelphia Inquirer
Closing in on proof of arts value to kids

Philadelphia Inquirer
How can the arts benefit kids from disadvantaged neighborhoods?

Philadelphia Public School The Notebook
Quantifying the benefits of arts education

Science Daily
Arts programming may help lower stress in economically disadvantaged preschoolers

Economic instability and household chaos are linked to physiological dysregulation in children

Governmental Agencies

Taking note: Parsing rigor in arts education studies

Taking note: On the value of a negative finding

Guide to community engaged research in arts and health

Can the arts reduce stress in children?

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