While the Mather Planetarium is used primarily for WCU astronomy classes, we have a very active public education and outreach program.  Twice a week during the regular school year we host groups – K-12 classes, rotary clubs, senior centers, homeschool groups, etc.  Additionally, several Friday evenings each month we offer shows to the general public.  Through these programs roughly 2300 children, students, and families visit the Mather Planetarium.

Shooting Star Wall

Our programs are made possible by a variety of funding sources including the WCU College of Science and Mathematics, admissions fees, and generous public donations.  One way to contribute is to purchase one of the shooting stars in our hallway.  Created by Dr. John Baker, faculty emeritus and former chair of WCU’s Department of Art & Design, each star has a plate which can be engraved with a name or message of your choice.  Put your name – or your whole family - in the stars! Remember, real stars cannot be bought - no matter what you read on the internet - but there are stars in our planetarium that can be named just for you.

Shooting Star

For more information about how you can help support our programs at Mather Planetarium please visit the WCU Foundation website.

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