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Information Security Center


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Information Security Center

ISC Introduction

Information Security Center

The Computer Science Information Security Center (ISC) recognizes that no computer science graduate should be without information security knowledge. Toward this end, the Computer Science Department has introduced Information Security content such as computer and network security across the undergraduate and graduate curricula.

The curricula set forth by the ISC has been certified by the NSA to meet the National Training Standards for Information Systems Security Professionals (4011) and Systems Administrators (4013).

The Computer Science Department offers specific courses which address technical and theoretical issues in Computer Security. Both undergraduate and graduate students can obtain a Computer Security Certificate by taking course sequences which emphasize principles of computer security.

National Security Agency Assessment


Schedule: Jan-Mar, 2014



Assessment Plan

Mapping Result

  • 23 courses being assessed
  • 1,535 knowledge units covered in curricula
  • Faculty and student research work
  • Report

Security Certificates in the Curricula

Undergraduate Computer Security Certificate

Bachelor of Science Security Certificate

Graduate Computer Security Certificate

Professional Development Certificates

NSA Cyber Defence Education Certification

NSA Cyber Defence Education Certification  

NSA Cyber Defence Education Certification

NSA Training Standards Certification  
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