Dr. Teresa Donze-Reiner's Publications

Representative Publications

  • Koch, K.G., Donze-Reiner, T., Baird, L.M., Louis, J., Amundsen, K., Sarath, G., Bradshaw, J.D. and Heng-Moss, T. (2018). Evaluation of Greenbug and Yellow Sugarcane Aphid Feeding Behavior on Resistant and Susceptible Switchgrass Cultivars. BioEnergy Research, pp.1-11.
  • Amundsen, K., Sarath, G. and Donze, T. (2017) Editorial: Genomic Approaches for improvement of Understudied Grasses. Front. Plant Sci. 8:976. doi:10.3389/fpls.2017.00976.
  • Donze-Reiner, T., Palmer, N.A., Scully, E.D., Prochaska, T.J., Koch, K.G., Heng-Moss, T., Bradshaw, J.D., Twigg, P., Amundsen, K., Sattler, S.E. and Sarath, G., (2017). Transcriptional analysis of defense mechanisms in upland tetraploid switchgrass to greenbugs. BMC plant biology, 17(1), p.46.
  • Frazier, T.P., Palmer, N.A., Xie, F., Tobias, C.M., Donze-Reiner, T.J., Bombarely, A., Childs, K.L., Shu, S., Jenkins, J.W., Schmutz, J. and Zhang, B., Sarath, G., Zhao, B. (2016). Identification, characterization, and gene expression analysis of nucleotide binding site (NB)-type resistance gene homologues in switchgrass. BMC genomics, 17(1), p.892.
  • Scully, E.D., Donze-Reiner, T., Wang, H., Eickhoff, T.E., Baxendale, F., Twigg, P., Kovacs, F., Heng-Moss, T., Sattler, S.E. and Sarath, G. (2016). Identification of an orthologous clade of peroxidases that respond to feeding by greenbugs (Schizaphis graminum) in C 4 grasses. Functional Plant Biology.
  • Rinerson, C., Scully, E., Palmer, N., Donze-Reiner, T., Rabara, R., Tripathi, P., Shen, Q., Sattler, S., Rohila, J., Sarath, G., Rushton, P. (2015). The WRKY transcription factor family and senescence in switchgrass. BMC Genomics.16:912.
  • Ramm, C., Wayadande, A., Baird, L., Nandakumar, R., Madayiputhiya, N., Amundsen, K., Donze, T., Baxendale, F., Heng-Moss, T. (2015) Morphology and Proteome Characterization of the Salivary Glands of the Western Chinch Bug, Blissus occiduus (Hemiptera: Blissidae). Journal of Economic Entomology. 108 (4), 2055-2064.
  • Prochaska, T.J., Donze-Reiner, T., Marchi-Werle, L., Palmer, N.A., Hunt, T.E., Sarath, G. and Heng-Moss, T., 2015. Transcriptional responses of tolerant and susceptible soybeans to soybean aphid (Aphis glycines. Arthropod-Plant Interactions, 9(4), pp.347-359.
  • Ramm, C., Wachholtz, M., Amundsen, K., Donze, T., Heng-Moss, T., Twigg, P. (2015) Transcriptional Profiling of Resistant and Susceptible Buffalograsses in Response to Blissus occiduus (Hemiptera: Blissidae) Feeding. Journal of Economic Entomology 1-9.
  • Donze, T., Amaradasa, B.S., Caha, C., Heng-Moss, T. and Amundsen, K. (2015). Molecular differentiation of gender in buffalograss. Crop Science, 55(4), pp.1827-1833.
  • Stamm, M. D., Enders, L. S., Donze-Reiner, T. J., Baxendale, F. P., Siegfried, B. D., & Heng-Moss, T. M. (2014). Transcriptional response of soybean to thiamethoxam seed treatment in the presence and absence of drought stress. BMC genomics 15(1), 1055.
  • Palmer, N. A., Donze-Reiner, T., Horvath, D., Heng-Moss, T., Waters, B., Tobias, C., & Sarath, G. (2015). Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L) flag leaf transcriptomes reveal molecular signatures of leaf development, senescence, and mineral dynamics. Functional & integrative genomics, 15(1), 1-16.
  • Heng-Moss, T., Bradshaw, J., Koch, K., Prochaska, T., Donze-Reiner, T., Sarath, G. (2014). Grow them and we will come for the feast. Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 8 (2) 145-146.
  • Amaradasa,B.S., Donze, T., Sarath, G., Heng-Moss, T. and Amundsen, K. (2014). Characterizing differential gene expression in polyploid grasses lacking a reference transcriptome. OA Biotechnology 10;3(1):1.
  • Donze, T., Qu, F., Twigg, P. and Morris, T.J. (2014). Turnip crinkle virus coat protein inhibits the basal immune response to virus invasion in Arabidopsis by binding to the NAC transcription factor TIP. Virology 449: 207-214. * Selected to be a Featured Article *
  • Palmer, N.A., Saathoff, A., Waters, B., Donze, T., Heng-Moss, T., Twigg, P., Tobias, C., Sarath, G. (2014). Global changes in mineral transporters in tetraploid switchgrasses (Panicum virgatum L.). Frontiers in Plant Nutrition 4:549.
  • Ramm, C., Saathoff, A., Donze, T., Heng-Moss, T., Baxendale, F., Twigg, P., Baird, L., and Amundsen, K. (2013). Expression profiling of four defense-related buffalograss transcripts in response to chinch bug feeding. Journal of Economic Entomology 106 (6), 2267-2284.
  • Saathoff, A.J., Donze, T., Palmer, N.A., Bradshaw, J., Heng-Moss, T., Twigg, P., Tobias, C.M., Lagrimini, M. and Sarath, G. (2013). Towards uncovering the roles of switchgrass peroxidases in plant processes. Front. Plant Sci. 4:202. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2013.00202.
  • Vogel, J.P., Gu, Y.Q., Twigg, P., Lazo, G.R., Laudencia-Chingcuanco, D., Hayden, D.M., Donze, T.J., Vivian, L.A., Stamova, B., Coleman-Derr, D. (2006). EST sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of the model grass Brachypodium distachyon. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 113(2), 186-95.


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