Dr. Michael Rosario's Publications

Representative Publications

  • Rosario, Michael V., and Thomas J. Roberts. "Loading rate has little influence on tendon fascicle mechanics." Frontiers in physiology 11 (2020): 255.
  • Rosario, M. V., Olberding, J. P., & Deban, S. M. (2019). Playing with power: mechanisms of energy flow in organismal movement. Integrative and comparative biology, 59(6), 1511-1514.
  • Olberding, J. P., Deban, S. M., Rosario, M. V., & Azizi, E. (2019). Modeling the determinants of mechanical advantage during jumping: consequences for spring-and muscle-driven movement. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 59(6), 1515-1524.
  • Werth, A. J., Rita, D., Rosario, M. V., Moore, M. J., & Sformo, T. L. (2018). How do baleen whales stow their filter? A comparative biomechanical analysis of baleen bending. Journal of Experimental Biology, 221(23).
  • Rosario, M.V., Sutton, G.P., Patek, S.N., Sawicki, G.S. 2016. Muscle-spring dynamics in time-limited, elastic movements. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B, 383:20161561.
  • Rosario, M.V., Patek, S.N. 2015. Multi-level analysis of elastic morphology: the mantis shrimp's spring. Journal of Morphology, 276:1123-1135.
  • Smith, A.J., Rosario, M.V., Eiting, T., Dumont, E.R. 2014. Joined at the hip: linked characters and the problem of missing data in studies of disparity. Evolution. 1558-5646.
  • Patek, S.N., Rosario, M.V., Taylor, J.R.A. 2013. Comparative spring mechanics in mantis shrimp. Journal of Experimental Biology, 216:1317-1329.
  • McHenry, M. J., Claverie, T., Rosario, M.V., Patek, S. N. 2012. Gearing for speed slows the predatory strike of a mantis shrimp. Journal of Experimental Biology, 215:1231-45.
  • Patek, S.N., Dudek, D.M., Rosario, M.V. 2011. From bouncy legs to poisoned arrows: elastic movements in invertebrates. Journal of Experimental Biology, 214: 1973-1980.

Complete Listing of Publications

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