Dr. Jennifer Uehling's Publications

* Indicates undergraduate co-author, # Indicates equal authorship

  • Taff, C. C., S. McNew, C. Zimmer, J. J. Uehling, T. A. Ryan, D. Chang van Oordt, J. L. Houtz, A. S. Injaian, and M. N. Vitousek. Joint effects of social interactions and environmental challenges on physiology, internal microbiome, and reproductive performance in tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor). Accepted at Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A.

  • Dunn, P., et al. (including J. J. Uehling and O. Rooney*) (2023). Extensive regional variation in the phenology of insects and their response to temperature across North America. Ecology 104:e4036.

  • Vitousek, M. N., J. L. Houtz, M. A. Pipkin, D. A. Chang van Oordt, K. K. Hallinger, J. J. Uehling, C. Zimmer, and C. C. Taff (2022). Natural and experimental cold exposure increase the sensitivity to future stressors in a free-living songbird. Functional Ecology 36(10):2531-2543.

  • Taff, C. C., B. Johnson*, A. T. Anker*, A. M. Rodriguez, J. L. Houtz, J. J. Uehling, and M. N. Vitousek (2022). No apparent trade-off between the quality of nest-grown feathers and time spent in the nest in an aerial insectivore, the tree swallow. Ornithology 139(3):1-13.

  • Injaian, A. S., J. J. Uehling, C. C. Taff, and M. N. Vitousek (2021). Effects of artificial light at night on avian provisioning, corticosterone, and reproductive success. Integrative and Comparative Biology 61(3):1147-1159.

  • Uehling, J. J., J. Tallant, and S. Pruett-Jones (2021). Introduced and naturalized parrots in the United States. In S. Pruett-Jones (ed) Naturalized Parrots of the World: Distribution, Ecology, and Impacts of the World's Most Colorful Colonizers. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

  • Houtz, J. L.#, R. Mady#, and J. J. Uehling# (2021). A virtual bird’s eye view: Live streaming nest boxes to continue outreach in the era of COVID-19. Ecology and Evolution 11(8):3559-3564.

  • Genova, L. A., B. B. Johnson, F. R. Castelli, L. M. Arcila Hernández, D. A. Chang van Oordt, A. Demery, N. K. Fletcher, E. M. Goud, K. D. Holmes, J. L. Houtz, M. M. Howard, J. J. Hughes, K. H. Jensen, H. D. Kunerth, E. P. Law, E. Lombardi, A. Mazo-Vargas, C. A. McDonald, C. S. Mittan, T. A. Ryan, A. M. Tracy, J. J. Uehling, A. K. Weiss, and M. K. Smith (2020). What is speciation, how does it occur, and why is it important for conservation? CourseSource 7:1-19.

  • Winkler, D. W., K. Nesbitt, M. Andersen, D. Ardia, A. Belmaker, D. Chang van Oordt, V. Ferretti, A. Forsman, J. Gaul, P. Llambías, S. Orzechowski, T. Pegan, J. Shipley, M. Stager, C. Taff, J. Uehling, M. Verhoeven, M. Vitousek, M. Wilson, and H. S. Yoon. (2020). Full lifetime perspectives on the costs and benefits of lay date variation in tree swallows. Ecology 101(9):e03109.

  • Uehling, J. J., C. C. Taff, D. W. Winkler, and M. N. Vitousek (2020). Developmental temperature predicts the adult response to stressors in a free-living passerine. Journal of Animal Ecology 89(3):842-854.

  • Uehling, J. J., J. Tallant, and S. J. Pruett-Jones (2019). Status of naturalized parrots in the United States. Journal of Ornithology 160(3):907-921.

  • Vitousek, M. N., M. A. Johnson, J. W. Donald, C. D. Francis, M. J. Fuxjager, W. Goymann, M. Hau, J. F. Husak, B. K. Kircher, R. Knapp, L. B. Martin, E. T. Miller, L. A. Schoenle, J. J. Uehling, and T. D. Williams (2018). HormoneBase: A population-level database of steroid hormone levels across vertebrates. Scientific Data 5:1800097.

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