Dr. Jessica Sullivan-Brown's Publications


Sullivan-Brown J, Goldstein B. (2012) Neural tube closure: the curious case of shrinking junctions. Current Biology, Jul 24;22(14):R574-6.

Sullivan-Brown J, Bisher ME, Burdine RD. (2011) Embedding, serial sectioning and staining of zebrafish embryos using JB-4 resin. Nature Protocols, 6 (1):46-55.

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Sawyer JM, Harrell JR, Shemer G, Sullivan-Brown J, Roh-Johnson M, Goldstein B. (2010). Apical constriction: a cell shape change that can drive morphogenesis. Developmental Biology, 341(1):5-19.

Sullivan-Brown J, Schottenfeld J, Okabe N, Hostetter CL, Serluca FC, Thiberge SY, Burdine RD. (2008). Zebrafish mutations affecting cilia motility share similar cystic phenotypes and suggest a mechanism of cyst formation that differs from pkd2 morphants. Developmental Biology, 314 (2): 261-75.

Schottenfeld J, Sullivan-Brown J, Burdine RD. (2007). Zebrafish curly up encodes a Pkd2 ortholog that restricts left-side-specific expression of southpaw. Development, 134(8):1605-15.

Silberg D.G., Sullivan J., Kong E., Swain G.P., Moffett J., Sund N.J., Sackett S.D., Kaestner K.H. (2002). Cdx2 ectopic expression induces intestinal metaplasia in transgenic mice. Gastroenterology, 122 (3):689-96.


Selected speaker at the Society for Developmental Biology Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, Princeton, NJ (2015)

Selected speaker at the Santa Cruz Developmental Biology Meeting, Santa Cruz, CA (2012)

Selected speaker at the Seventh International Conference on Neural Tube Defects, Austin, TX (2011)

Selected speaker at the Seventh Annual Developmental Biology Symposium, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC (2010)

Selected speaker at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Society for Developmental Biology, Baltimore, MD (2010)

Selected speaker at the Third NIH Conference on Holoprosencephaly, Bethesda, MD (2004)


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