Dr. Josh R. Auld's Publications

Representative Publications

  • Auld, J. R.. 2018. The effects of diet and mating system on reproductive (and post-reproductive) life span in a freshwater snail. Ecology & Evolution 8:12260-12270.
  • Stratton, C., A. Kolpas & J.R. Auld. 2018. Optimal mating strategies for preferentially outcrossing simultaneous hermaphrodites in the presence of predators. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 80:2652-2668.
  • Grossenbacher, D.L., Y. Brandvain, J.R. Auld, M. Burd, P.-O. Cheptou, J.K. Conner, A.G. Grant, S.M. Hovick, J.R. Pannell, A. Pauw, T. Petanidou, A.M. Randle, R. Rubio de Casas, J. Vamosi, A. Winn, B. Igic, J.W. Busch, S. Kalisz & E.E. Goldberg. 2017. Self-compatibility is overrepresented on islands. New Phytologist 215:469-478. Link
  • Auld, J.R., A.D. Helker & A. Kolpas. 2016. Consequences of mating and predation risk for longevity in a freshwater snail: Abstinence makes the heart beat longer. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 29:2539–2544. Link
  • Auld, J.R. & P. Jarne. 2016. Sex and recombination in snails. The Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Biology. R. M. Kliman (editor-in-chief). vol. 4, pp. 49-60. Oxford: Academic Press. Link
  • Auld, J.R. & R. T. Houser. 2015. Age-dependent effects of predation risk on reproductive success in a freshwater snail. Evolution 69:2793-2798. Link
  • Pannell, J.R., J.R. Auld, Y. Brandvain, M. Burd, J.W. Busch, P.-O. Cheptou, J.K. Conner, E.E. Goldberg, A.-G. Grant, D. Grossenbacher, S.M. Hovick, B. Igic, S. Kalisz, T. Petanidou, A.M. Randle, R. Rubio de Casas, A. Pauw, J.C. Vamosi & A.A. Winn. 2015. The scope of Baker’s law. New Phytologist 208:656-667. Link
  • Murren, C.J., J.R. Auld, H. Callahan, C. Ghalambor, C. Handelsman, M.A. Heskel, J. G. Kingsolver, H. Maclean, J. Masel, H. Maughan, D.W. Pfennig, R.A. Relyea, S. Seiter, E. Snell-Rood, U.K. Steiner & C.D. Schlichting. 2015. Constraints on the evolution of phenotypic plasticity: Limits and costs of phenotype and costs of plasticity. Heredity 115:293-301.
  • Auld, J.R., P. Jarne, V. Sarda, H. Jourdan-Pineau, T. Lamy, B. Pelissie & P. David. 2014. Evaluating the contributions of change in investment and change in efficiency to age-related declines in male and female reproduction. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27:1837-1848. Link
  • McClain, C.R., R. Filler & J.R. Auld. 2014. Does energy availability predict gastropod reproductive strategies? Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281:20140400. Link
  • Auld, J.R. & J.F. Henkel. 2014. Diet alters delayed selfing, inbreeding depression, and reproductive senescence in a freshwater snail. Ecology & Evolution 4:2968-2977.
  • Willis, C.G., C. Baskin, J. Baskin, J.R. Auld, D.L. Venable, J. Cavender-Bares, K. Donohue & R. Rubio de Casas. 2014. The evolution of seed dormancy: environmental cues, evolutionary hubs, and diversification of the seed plants. New Phytologist 203:300-309. Link
  • Murren, C.J., H.J. Maclean, S.E. Diamond, U.K. Steiner, M.A. Heskel, C.A. Handelsman, C.K. Ghalambor, J.R. Auld, H.S. Callahan, D.W. Pfennig, R.A. Relyea, C.D. Schlichting & J.G. Kingsolver. 2014. Evolutionary change in continuous reaction norms. American Naturalist 183:453-467. Link
  • Bukowski, S.J. & J.R. Auld. 2014. The effects of calcium in mediating the inducible morphological defenses of a freshwater snail, Physa acuta. Aquatic Ecology 48:85-90.
  • Auld, J.R., C.M. Perrins & A. Charmantier. 2013. Who wears the pants in a mute swan pair? Deciphering the effects of male and female age and identity on breeding success. Journal of Animal Ecology 82:826-835. Link
  • Auld, J.R. & R. Rubio de Casas. 2013. The correlated evolution of dispersal and mating-system traits. Evolutionary Biology 40:185-193.
  • Steiner, U.K. & J.R. Auld. 2012. Why is the jack of all trades a master of none? Studying the evolution of inducible defenses in aquatic systems. Pages 172-183 in: Chemically Mediated Interactions in Aquatic Habitats. L.-A. Hansson & C. Brönmark (editors). Link
  • Auld, J.R. & A. Charmantier. 2011. Life history of breeding partners alters age-related changes of reproductive traits in a natural population of Blue Tits. Oikos 120:1129-1138. Link
  • Escobar, J.S., J.R. Auld, A.C. Correa, J.M. Alonso, Y.K. Bony, J.M. Koene, J.-P. Pointier, P. Jarne & P. David. 2011. Patterns of mating system evolution in hermaphroditic animals: correlations among selfing rate, inbreeding depression, and the timing of reproduction. Evolution 65:1233-1253. Link
  • Auld, J.R. & R.A. Relyea. 2011. Adaptive plasticity in predator-induced defenses in a common freshwater snail: altered selection and mode of predation due to prey phenotype. Evolutionary Ecology 25:189-202.
  • Auld, J.R. 2010. The effects of predation risk on mating system expression in a freshwater snail. Evolution 64:3476-3494. Link
  • Auld, J.R. & R.A. Relyea. 2010. Life history plasticity and inbreeding depression under mate limitation and predation risk: cumulative lifetime fitness dissected with a life table response experiment. Evolutionary Ecology 24:1171-1185.
  • Anthes, N., P. David, J.R. Auld, J.N.A. Hoffer, P. Jarne, J.M. Koene, H. Kokko, M.C. Lorenzi, B. Pelissié, D. Sprenger, A. Staikou, & L. Schärer. 2010. Bateman gradients in hermaphrodites: An extended approach to quantify sexual selection. American Naturalist 176:249-263. Link
  • Auld, J.R. & R.A. Relyea. 2010. Inbreeding depression in adaptive plasticity under predation risk in a freshwater snail. Biology Letters 6:222-224. Link
  • Auld, J.R., A.A. Agrawal, & R.A. Relyea. 2010. Re-evaluating the costs and limits of adaptive phenotypic plasticity. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 277:503-511. Link
  • Auld, J.R. & R.A. Relyea. 2008. Are there interactive effects of mate availability and predation risk on life history and defense in a simultaneous hermaphrodite? Journal of Evolutionary Biology 21:1371-1378. Link
  • Steets, J.A., D.E. Wolf, J.R. Auld, & T.-L. Ashman. 2007. The role of natural enemies in the expression and evolution of mixed mating in hermaphroditic plants and animals. Evolution 61:2043-2055.
  • Jarne, P., & J.R. Auld. 2006. Animals mix it up too: the distribution of self-fertilization among hermaphroditic animals. Evolution 60:1816-1824.
  • Hoverman, J.T., J.R. Auld, & R.A. Relyea. 2005. Putting prey back together again: integrating predator-induced behavior, morphology, and life history. Oecologia 144:481-491.
  • Relyea, R.A. & J.R. Auld. 2005. Predator- and competitor-induced plasticity: how changes in foraging morphology affect phenotypic trade-offs. Ecology 86:1723-1729. Link
  • Relyea, R.A. & J.R. Auld. 2004. Having the guts to compete: how intestinal plasticity explains costs of inducible defenses. Ecology Letters 7:869-875. Link

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