Dr. Harry Tiebout's Publications

Representative Publications

  •  Tiebout III, Harry M. 1983. Ectopic pregnancy in Nerodia sipedon. SSAR Herp Review 14: 121.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M. 1986. Downy woodpecker feeds on insects in a spider's web. Wilson Bulletin 98: 319.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M., and John R. Cary. 1987. Dynamic spatial ecology of the water snake, Nerodia sipedon. Copeia 1987: 1-18.

  • Feinsinger, Peter, William H. Busby, and Harry M. Tiebout III. 1988. Effects of indiscriminate foraging by tropical hummingbirds on pollination and plant reproductive success: experiments with two tropical treelets (Rubiaceae). Oecologia 76: 471-474.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M. 1989. Tests of a model of food passage rates in hummingbirds. Auk 106: 203-208.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M., and Kenneth A. Nagy. 1991. Validation of the doubly labeled water method (3HH18O) for measuring water flux and CO2 production in the tropical hummingbird Amazilia saucerottei. Physiological Zoology 64(1): 362-374.

  • Feinsinger, Peter, Harry M. Tiebout III, Bruce E. Young, and K. Greg Murray. 1991. New perspectives on neotropical plant-hummingbird interactions. Acta XX Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici, Vol. III: 1605-1610.

  • Feinsinger, Peter, Harry M. Tiebout III, and Bruce E. Young. 1991. Do tropical bird-pollinated plants exhibit density dependent interactions? Field experiments. Ecology 72(6): 1953-1963.

  • Feinsinger, Peter, and Harry M. Tiebout III. 1991. Competition among plants sharing hummingbird pollinators: laboratory experiments on a mechanism. Ecology 72(6): 1946-1952.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M. 1991. Energetics of competition and guild structure of neotropical hummingbirds. Acta XX Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici, Vol. II: 1175-1179.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M. 1991. Daytime energy management by tropical hummingbirds: responses to foraging constraint. Ecology 72(3): 839-851.

  • Feinsinger, Peter, and Harry M. Tiebout III. 1992. Impacto de la competencia interespecifica en la estructura de comunidades: colibries y las plantas que ellos polinizan. Proceedings of the III International Congress of Neotropical Ornithology, Cali, Colombia: 23-27.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M. 1992. Comparative energetics of divergent foraging modes: a doubly labeled water experiment on hummingbird competition. Animal Behaviour 44: 895-906.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M. 1993. Mechanisms of competition in tropical hummingbirds: metabolic costs for winners and losers. Ecology 74: 405-418.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M., and Kristin E. Brugger. 1995. Ecological risk assessment of pesticides for terrestrial vertebrates: evaluation and application of USEPA's quotient model. Conservation Biology 9(6): 1605-1618.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M. 1996. Costs and benefits of interspecific dominance rank: are subordinates better at finding novel food locations? Animal Behaviour 51(6): 1375-1381.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M., and Roger A. Anderson. 1997. A comparison of corridors and intrinsic connectivity to promote dispersal in transient successional landscapes. Conservation Biology 11(3): 620-627.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M. 1997. Caudal luring by a temperate colubrid snake, Elaphe obsoleta, and its implications for the evolution of the rattle among rattlesnakes. Journal of Herpetology 31(2): 290-292.

  • Carfioli, Margaret A., Harry M. Tiebout III, Susan A. Pagano, Kristina M. Heister, and Fredric C. Lutcher. 2000. Monitoring Plethodon cinereus populations: field tests of experimental coverboard designs, Chapter 26, Pp. 463-475 In R. C. Bruce, R. J. Jaeger, and L. D. Houck (Eds.) The Biology of the Plethodontid Salamanders, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York.

  • Tiebout III, Harry M. 2000. Do subordinate species have an advantage? Testing the pointer hypothesis with tropical hummingbirds, Pages 216-218 In N. Nadkarni & N. Wheelwright (Editors) "Monteverde: Ecology and Conservation of a Tropical Cloud Forest," Oxford University Press.


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