Dr. Casotti's research examines how birds osmoregulate in different environments. His research focuses on the functional morphology and physiology of the avian kidney and the lower gastrointestinal tract. He has conducted research in arid and mesic environments on different bird species, and is particularly interested in how birds handle nitrogenous waste. Dr. Casotti uses the techniques of transmission and scanning electron microscopy and light histology.

Dr. Casotti is also interested in teaching pedagogy particularly inquiry-based learning. He has received funding from the National Science Foundation and works closely with ADInstruments conducting inquiry-based workshops at West Chester University. More recently he partnered with Dr. Knabb (Biology) in developing and teaching a graduate online course and publishing the pedagogy results in the Journal, Advances in Physiological Education, and the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science.

Chicken Skeleton X-Ray

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