Dr. Eric Sweet's Publications

Representative Publications

Sweet, E.S., Saunier-Rebori, B., Yue, Z., and Blitzer, R.D. The Parkinson’s Disease associated mutation LRRK2-G2019S impairs synaptic plasticity in mouse hippocampus. J Neurosci. (2015) vol 12 (35) pp. 11190-5 

Szutorisz H, DiNieri JA, Sweet E., Egervari G, Michaelides M, Carter JM, Ren Y, Miller ML, Blitzer RD, Hurd YL. Parental THC exposure leads to compulsive heroin-seeking and altered striatal synaptic plasticity in the subsequent generation. Neuropsychopharmacology (2014) vol 39(6) pp. 1315-23 

Sweet, E.S., Tseng, CY., Firestein, BL. To branch or not to branch: How PSD-95 regulates dendrites and spines. Bioarchitecture (2011) vol. 1 (2) 

Sweet, E.S., Previtera, M.L., Fernández, J.R., Charych, E.I., Tseng, C.Y., Kwon, M., Starovoytov, V., Zheng, J.Q., and Firestein, B.L. PSD-95 alters microtubule dynamics via an association with EB3. J. Neurosci. (2011) vol. 31 (3) pp. 1038-47 

Langhammer, C.G., Previtera, M.L., Sweet, E.S., Sran, S.S., Chen, M., and Firestein, B.L. Automated sholl analysis of digitized neuronal morphology at multiple scales: Whole-cell sholl analysis versus sholl analysis of arbor subregions. Cytometry: Part A (2010) vol. 77A (12) pp. 1160-1168 

Fernández, J.R., Sweet, E.S., Welsh, W.J., Firestein, B.F. Identification of small molecule compounds with higher binding affinity to guanine deaminase (cypin) than guanine. Bioorg. Med. Chem. (2010) vol. 18 (18) pp. 6748-55 

Sweet, E.S. and Firestein, B.L. Neuronal polarization: Old cells can learn new tricks. Curr. Biol. (2008) vol. 18 (15) pp. R661-R663 

Georges, P.C., Hadzimichalis, N.M., Sweet, E.S., Firestein BL. The yin-yang of dendrite morphology: Unity of actin and microtubules. Mol. Neurobiol. (2008) vol. 38 (3) pp. 270-84 REVIEW 

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