The West Chester University Budget Review Committee's primary role is to review the University's preliminary annual budget. The Budget Review Committee may also make recommendations to the President for revisions to the budget prior to finalization. Members serving on the Budget Review Committee should bring a University-wide perspective to their role. While budget elements presented to the committee may address advocating for the needs of a particular division or unit, the role of Committee members is to make recommendations to the President and Cabinet that reflect the interests of the University as a whole. As such, the role of the member is not one of direct representation or advocacy of their particular constituency. In this context, the Budget Review Committee will review the draft University block grant budget/reductions as presented by Cabinet and the President. They will provide input to the President and Cabinet by either acknowledging concurrence or making recommendations for revisions based on their review.

University Budget Review Committee Members

Seat Initial Member Term Ends
Co-Chair 1 Ilene Mates 2026
Co-Chair 2 Jen Bacon 2025
Executive 1 Tabetha Adkins 2025
Executive 2 Jeff Osgood 2024
Dean 1 Jen Bacon 2025
Dean 2 TBD 2023
Senate Kurt Kolasinski 2025
APSCUF Cliff Johnston 2026
Chair 1 Jen Chandler 2024
Chair 2 Marci Major 2025
Chair 3 Kyle Kelly 2026
Faculty 1 Tina Chiarelli-Helminiak 2024
Faculty 2 Sandra Walz 2025
Faculty 3 Victoria Tischio 2026
Manager 1 Melissa Wrightstone 2025
Manager 2 Judd Strauss 2026
Manager 3 Lynn Klingensmith 2025
AFSCME Jeremy Wheeler 2026
Staff 1 Chyna Hart 2026
Staff 2 Amy Hancox 2024
Pres. Appoint 1 Tracey Robinson 2024
Pres. Appoint 2 Kevin Partridge 2025
Pres. Appoint 3 Wiliam Helzlsouer 2026
Undergraduate Jewel Karaisz 2021-2024
Graduate Vacant 2022-2023
President, Ex-Officio Chris Fiorentino /
Andrew C. Lehman
No Term Limit

VP for Finance/AVP for Budget, Ex-Officio

Todd Murphy / Ilene Mates No Term Limit

* Initial committee terms have been adjusted, by consent of the members, in order to assure a staggered rotation going forward. Most terms, after the initial year, are for three years (with an exception for our graduate student representative, given that most graduate programs are completed in 2 years). Replacements for members who cannot complete a term, and the timing of new elections/appointments will occur in accordance with the committee By-laws.