Moon Shot for Equity is a WCU partnership across the Southeastern PA region and EAB to eliminate institutional equity gaps by 2030.  This work will employ evidence-based best practices implemented to remove institutional barriers to student success. For too long, our institution has not sustainably served all our students, instead unintentionally putting barriers in their path to success. Tactically, this process involves examining the entire university experience from various levels, perspectives, and layers to reveal what aspects of the institution can be improved to support all WCU students.

WCU will work to complete a series of goals through a comprehensive approach of inquiry to remove barriers and create solutions aimed at closing institutional equity gaps. 

Goals are organized into several categories. Many of these goals fit seamlessly into existing WCU initiatives. We believe the Moon Shot will provide the boost that helps create meaningful, lasting change.

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Current WCU Goals

WCU's Moon Shot for Equity currently has teams working the goals below. More information on the Goal Teams and Best Practices are available on this page.

Pre-College Programs

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Transfer Pathways

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Proactive Advising (with Technology)

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