RamPrint is a service that allows you to print from any location using any device. Students can send documents to RamPrint from a residence hall, a computer lab, or anywhere on campus when connected to RamNet.  Documents can be sent from any type of laptop or mobile device including Android / iOS devices. RamPrint queues your documents on a secure server and prints them when your WCU ID (RamCard) is swiped in the card reader of the designated printers.

*May 2018 Update*  RamPrint setup has been updated.  If you originally used Google Cloud Print directions, please follow the updated Directions for Using RamPrint.

Key Benefits of using RamPrint:

  • Send documents to university printers using personal devices
  • Send documents anytime and pick up when ready
  • It's quick and easy to setup
  • Swipe to print one, or all documents from any printer that has a card reader
  • Swipe to make photo copies, or to scan and email documents
  • No more lines at the printer waiting for someone else’s document to finish
  • No more sifting through mounds of paper searching for your document
  • No more hassle of other students accidentally discarding your work
  • Print from any computer, laptop or mobile device

 Current Locations:

  • Anderson Hall: 192a Common Area, Computer Labs: 101, 102, 104, 105, 315
  • Brandywine Hall – 1st floor, Common Area Outside ResNet
  • Business and Public Management Center (BPC) - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors in Corridors (Common Areas)
  • FHG Library – Multiple locations, including IMC Ground Floor & 1st Floor Common Area
  • Graduate Center  1st floor, 126
  • Merion Science Center – 1st Floor, (just inside the lobby at the entrance)
  • Recitation Hall – 1st Floor, Room 110 (iMac Computer Lab)
  • Sturzbecker Health Sciences Center - Room 126
  • Swope – Presser Music Library
  • Sykes Student Union – 1st Floor, Commuter Lounge Area & 3rd Floor, Computer Lab 302
  • Wayne Hall - 3rd Floor

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