RamPrint is a service that allows you to print from any location on campus using any device. Students can send documents to RamPrint from a residence hall, a computer lab, or anywhere on campus when connected to RamNet.  Documents can be sent from any type of laptop or mobile device including Android / iOS devices. RamPrint queues your documents on a secure server and prints them when your WCU ID (RamCard) is swiped in the card reader of the designated printers.


RamPrint Video Guides

What is RamPrint Cloud Printing?


What is Papercut?


Go Green!


Print from Your Mobile Device


RamPrint Use Guide

How to Use RamPrint


WCU Campus Printing Sustainability

Support WCU’s Sustainability Initiative


Key Benefits of using RamPrint:

  • Send documents to university printers using personal devices
  • Send documents anytime and pick up when ready
  • It's quick and easy to setup
  • Swipe to print one, or all documents from any printer that has a card reader
  • Swipe to make photo copies, or to scan and email documents
  • No more lines at the printer waiting for someone else’s document to finish
  • No more sifting through mounds of paper searching for your document
  • No more hassle of other students accidentally discarding your work
  • Print from any computer, laptop or mobile device

 Current Locations:

  • Anderson Hall: 192a Common Area, Computer Labs: 101, 102, 104, 105, 315
  • Brandywine Hall – 1st floor, Common Area Outside the IS&T Help Desk
  • Business and Public Management Center (BPC) - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors in Corridors (Common Areas)
  • FHG Library – Multiple locations, including IMC Ground Floor & 1st Floor Common Area
  • Graduate Center – 3rd floor, Room 326, Room 300 (mailroom)
  • Merion Science Center – 1st Floor, (just inside the lobby at the entrance)
  • Recitation Hall – 1st Floor, Room 110 (iMac Computer Lab)
  • Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons - 1st floor BioMed corridor, 1st floor outside classroom 112, 2nd Floor 261 East Lounge Corridor, 3rd Floor 370 East Lounge Corridor
  • Sturzbecker Health Sciences Center - Room 126
  • Swope – Presser Music Library
  • Sykes Student Union – 1st Floor, Commuter Lounge Area & 3rd Floor, Computer Lab 302
  • Wayne Hall - 3rd Floor

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