IST Org Chart

Org Chart

Dr. Jeffery L. Osgood, Jr.
Deputy Provost

Dr. Jeffery L. Osgood, Jr.
Deputy Provost Link of picture image

JT Singh
Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Information Services and Technology

JT Singh
Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Information Services and Technology
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Organization Charts

WCU Info Services & Technology

  • Dr. Jeffery L. Osgood, Jr., Deputy Provost
  • JT Singh, Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Peter Calvert, IT Strategic Planning& PMO

  • Vacant, Project/Relationship Manager

Teresa Hudson, Director, Technical Support Services

  • Theresa Friedman, Assistant Director, Technical Support Services
    • Arnel Floria, Technical Lead
    • Olatunde Fadahunsi, Technical Support Specialist
    • William McGrory, Technical Lead
      • Timothy Sheehan, Technical Support Specialist
      • Adhmeer Hilimi, IT Technician
      • Peter Unger, IT Technician
      • David Aran, IT Technician
      • Richard Falkowski, IT Technician
  • Vacant, AV/IT Technician (Philly Location)
  • Richard Cosgriff, Assistant Director, Classroom Technologies & Multimedia Services
    • Yuki Yamamoto, Manager of Audio Visual Technologies
    • Daniel Matrone, Digital Media Tech. Support Specialist
    • Steve Duckinfield, Multimedia Tech.
    • Jeremy Wheeler, Multimedia Tech.
    • Stefanie Merrill, Multimedia Tech.
    • Dave Casterline, Multimedia Tech.
  • Daniel Kadushin, Digital Media Center Manager
    • El Walton, DMC Coordinator
    • Ethan Weigant, DMC Tech.
    • Ashley Battiste, DMC Tech.

Paul Gargiulo, Director, EdTech & User Services

  • Lauren Keefe, Assistant Director, EdTech & User Services
    • Carla Tamburro, Instructional Systems Developer
    • LaTisha Brittingham, Instructional Technologies Lead
      • Amy Turner, Instructional Technology Specialist
      • Mason Buccilla, Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Bonnie Young, Technology Training and Development Coordinator
  • Michael Thomas, Assistant Director, EdTech & User Services
    • Michael Jordan, Lead Help Desk Manager
    • Mike Ogoe, IT Support Manager
      • Terrence Cahill, Technical Manager
    • Daniel Delgadillo, Help Desk Manager
      • Maria Aquino, Assistant Help Desk Manager

Kevin Partridge, Executive Director/Deputy CIO, IT Infrastructure Services

  • Rashed Kabir, Assistant Director of Systems & Cloud Engineering
    • Syed Ziauddin, Systems Admin.
    • Bill Bi, DBA Administrator
  • John Huk, Converged Communications Manager
    • Phillip Toscano, Converged Communications Technician
  • Shaun Spence, Assistant Director of Network & Cloud Engineering
    • Joe Altmann, Network Cloud Engineer
    • Dan Brader, Network Operations Manager
      • Scott Martin, Converged Communication Technician
      • Eriq Arsenault, Converged Communication Technician
      • Tom Boudwin, Converged Communication Technician
  • Debbie McGonigle, Management Technician
  • Richard Hari, Identity & Access Management (IAM) Architect

Stephen Safranek, Chief Information Security Officer

  • Elisabeth (Lisa) Disney, Information Security Analyst

Donna Beckett, Executive Associate & Budget Manager

  • Rose-Marie Turbessi, Admin. Assist. II
  • Michelle Hamel, IT Generalist