The IS&T Media Website

Throughout the course of the last few years, the Information Services & Technology (IS&T) department has been working to introduce different initiatives, to create better processes, an enriched learning environment, and to share what we do as a department with others, so we can help ourselves and others to learn and evolve. Through the IS&T Media website, we will showcase some of our exciting projects and curated content that are helping to move us forward as a department. This will include, but is not limited to, dynamically generated blog posts, an interactive organizational chart, engaging and inspiring videos, as well as researched based publications and presentations.


The blog page dynamically generates a list of all IS&T blogs that have been authored by the staff within. Topics range from the recent migration to SharePoint Online, the role of IS&T in renovations on campus, to new notification systems in place on campus. Read the posts on the blog

Interactive Organization Chart

Prior to the introduction of the interactive chart this was a flat document, with small font which made it cumbersome to read and navigate. With the introduction of the interactive org chart - users can seamlessly navigate through the organizational structure of IS&T and find what they're looking for with ease. Not only does it tout an increased user experience, but it helps to simplify the sometimes-tedious task of navigating a flat file. Take a look at the functionality of the org chart!


The videos produced through the talented staff at the Digital Media Center help to convey the University’s message, and capture memorable events throughout the year.  Luckily enough, this department falls under Information Services and Technology. Featured on the Videos page of the site, we can see a sampling of the videos created by the DMC. This includes a video version of the 2017/2018 Annual report, a virtual tour of campus, #FirstFriday videos curated specifically for the President’s office, and Commencement 2019.



This houses a collective list of all publications and presentations that IS&T staff has presented and been a part of throughout their tenure at West Chester University. The topics of presentations range from utilizing digital signage well on a university campus to Augmented Reality in the classroom.

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