Lesley N. Siegel

Lesley N. Siegel

Associate Professor

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Dr. Siegel earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver, her M.A. in Special Education for Diverse Exceptional Learners from the University of New Mexico, and her B.A. in History and Art from Colorado College.  Prior to joining the West Chester faculty, Dr. Siegel was an assistant professor at Arcadia University, coordinated special education assessment and accountability for the Washington department of education (OSPI), and was affiliate faculty at the University of Colorado, Denver in partnership with the Teacher Institute at La Academia.  Prior to working in higher education, Dr. Siegel taught middle school special education and literacy in Denver, CO; Seattle, WA; and Albuquerque, NM. Dr. Siegel’s current areas of research include the experiences of LGBTQ identified faculty and preservice professionals; new applications of qualitative coding; culturally responsive pedagogies; and out of school learning.

Some of her recent scholarly work includes:

  • Siegel, L.N. & Valtierra, K. M. (2021). Disrupting their frame of reference: Teacher candidates in alternative education settings. Teaching Education, 1-17.
  • Siegel, L.N. (2021, June). Queer Phenomenology in Teacher Education. Lecture given at International Association for Intercultural Education Annual Conference.
  • Siegel, L. N. & Valtierra, K. M. (2021, May). Qualitative Coding as a Tool for Student Empowerment in Teacher Education. Paper presented at the 17th Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.
  • Siegel, L. N. (2021, February). LGBTQ Preservice Teachers Arrive at Heteronormative K-12. Presentation given at Eastern Educational Research Association Annual Conference.
  • Siegel, L. N. & Valtierra, K. M.  (2021, January). Preservice Teachers in Alternative Education Settings: a Grounded Theory Approach to Understanding Their Experiences. Presentation given at The Qualitative Report Annual Conference.
  • Valtierra, K. M., & Siegel, L. N. (2020). Qualitative self-coding as reflection: empowering teacher candidates with the tools of the researcher. Reflective Practice, 21(3), 415-428.
  • Siegel, L.N. (2019) The Professor and the Closet: Teacher Educators and Coming Out. In J. Gammel, S. Motulsky & A. Rustein-Riley, (Eds.). I am What I Become: Constructing an Identity as a Lifelong Learner. Charlotte, NC: IAP.
  • Valtierra, K. M & Siegel, L.N. (2019). Dispositions for Inclusive Literacy: Fostering an Equitable and Empowering Education for Diverse Learners. Journal of Curriculum and Teaching, 8(3), 111-121.
  • Siegel, L.N. (2019, November). Queer Visibility in Teacher Education. Presentation given at International Association for Intercultural Education Annual Conference.
  • Siegel, L.N. (2019, October). Individuals. Dis/Ability. Punk Education. Presentation given at International Conference on Disability Studies, Arts and Education.
  • Siegel, L.N. (2019, April). Dis/ability in Diversity Trainings: a Need to Revisit the Binary Approach. Paper presented at American Education Research Association Annual Conference.
  • Siegel, L. N. (2018). Recruiting Queers: the Complexities of Finding Participants in an Often Invisible Population. Curriculum & Teaching Dialogue, 20(1-2), 125-127.
  • Siegel, L.N. & Valtierra, K.M. (2018) Self-Coding: a Tool for Crossing the Border from Reflective Educator to Early Researcher. In D. Garbett & A. Ovens (Eds.). Pushing boundaries and crossing borders: Self-Study as a means for researching pedagogy (pp. 465-472). Herstmonceux, UK: S-STEP.

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