Lauren Montemuro-Rode MSW, LSW, Doctoral Candidate

Instructor of Social Work


Lauren Montemuro-Rode received her MSW with a Gerontology concentration from Washington University in St. Louis. She worked as a Research Assistant at the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging on projects related to cross-national aging, senior housing community building, and aging friendly community research. Lauren Montemuro-Rode also has extensive clinical experience related to aging, medical, and hospice care. While working towards her Ph.D. at Bryn Mawr College, Lauren Montemuro-Rode has taught and assisted teaching the MSS Research Methods courses. She is interested in expanding research on advance care planning for her dissertation research.

Research and Scholarly Interests

·        Aging

·        End-of-Life Care

·        Palliative Care

·        Aging in Place

·        Aging Friendly Community Efforts