Strategic Pillars

As a department, we realize that resources are limited, and so we must be committed to ensure our teachers graduate meeting the program outcomes. The pillars below represent the critical things we have committed to do exceptionally well to promote success in our candidates.

  • Mastery of effective teaching practices
    Our strategy is to make sure all candidates graduate with a strong foundation of the fundamentals of teaching. These research-based effective teaching practices are used across subject areas, grades and contexts as well as support students’ social and emotional development. The practices matter not only to student learning, but are also a way to advance skill in teaching.
  • Clinically–based learning experiences
    Teaching is about facilitating interactions between and among teachers, students and content. Our strategy is to ensure all candidates experience hands-on learning by integrating their learning with student interactions. Candidates will implement research-based effective teaching practices, and other theories of learning with students throughout their coursework through field experiences.
  • School and Community Partnership
    We advocate for students, teachers, schools, and the community by teaching our candidates the importance of integrating disciplinary and pedagogical content knowledge in partnership with schools.
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