Program Outcomes

Following the path of our mission and values, graduates will attain:

  1. Mastery of Effective Teaching Practices - Graduates inspire learning in all students and are required to master instructional strategies that will engage students in an active sense-making process.
    • Promotes learning in all students
    • Displays evidence of a variety of effective instructional strategies
  2. Teacher Knowledge - Development of a deep understanding of content and its integration into practice order to support methods of inquiry in their respective disciplines.
    • Shows understanding of content and content related practices
    • Supports methods of inquiry through teaching practices
  3. Leadership Abilities - Graduates are leaders in their classrooms and communities. They cultivate professional dispositions and responsibility to become self-directed practitioners, leaders, and advocates for their students, schools, communities, disciplines, and profession.
    • Demonstrates professional dispositions
    • Communicates effectively and advocates on behalf of students, communities, disciplines, and profession.
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