Master's Education with Certification Residency Option

The M.Ed. Residency option is a 13 month program that includes an intensive summer program of foundational principles of teaching followed by a one year residency in an urban or rural public school. Candidates will be paired with a mentor teacher and work alongside them to build their pedagogical skills and pedagogical content knowledge. Candidates who successfully complete the program earn an M.Ed. degree and teacher certification simultaneously. This program is cohort-based with each new cohort starting in WCU's Summer I Session and graduating the following year

The foundational coursework of the M.Ed. Program provides candidates with the core principles and values of the M.Ed. Program. Candidates will explore the history and nature of education and public schools, as well as the historical effects of socioeconomic disparity and racial/cultural bias on the development of public schools, curriculum, and student achievement. Candidates will also study and research adolescent development and the various societal issues that affect development (special education, literacy, trauma, etc.). These courses will be connected throughout the program with themes of social justice, culturally relevant pedagogy, and conversations of the social content of education and communities influence on public schools and adolescence. This program focuses on preparing teacher candidates to work in urban and rural school settings. Content pedagogical coursework will be integrated with residency work during the school year to provide ongoing support.

Candidates are expected to have a Bachelor's degree in the certification content area to begin the program. Any candidates who do not have a major or minor in the certification area they are seeking should contact the Department Chair to conduct a transcript review.

Summer I – 6 credits

SED 501 Teaching, Learning & Outcomes I

Module 1: Program Seminar
Module 2: Human Development
Module 3: Contexts of Teaching and Learning
Module 4: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Summer II – 6credits

SED 502 Teaching, Learning & Outcomes II

Module 1: Instruction and Technology for Learning
Module 2: Educating Adolescents – Classroom Culture, Context and Development

LAN 569 English Language Learners (3) (online option)

Fall – 12 credits

EDA 511 Inclusion and Collaboration (3)
Elective Course (Advisor approval)

Subject Area Pedagogy Courses (one of the following)
SED 530 (6) Teaching and Learning in Secondary Social Studies
SED 550 (6) Teaching and Learning in Secondary Mathematics
SED 560 (6) Teaching and Learning in Secondary Science
SED 590 (6) Teaching and Learning in Secondary English/Language Arts

This program requires a minimum of 20 field hours per week. Field hours must be selected on a consistent schedule to work with the same students.  Field occurs August through January. 

Spring – 12 credits

EDR 550 Literacy Development (3) (online option)
SED 511 Secondary Student Teaching Internship (6)
SED 515 Research Seminar (3)

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