The Program

The program has five phases to raise an INCLUSIVE, ZEALOUS educator.  The five phases are detailed below.  In addition to the five phases, West Chester University, along with our school district partners, will leverage relationships with companies, individuals, and legislation to launch a media campaign and community tours to begin to change the narrative of the teaching profession in the eyes of the public.  Teaching is a rewarding profession.  Our PRIZE is in assisting our students see the brilliance in themselves and shine!

Phase I - Early Exposure

  • Partnering School Districts (with executed Pipeline MOU) will develop education pathways that provide early exposure to teaching as a profession.
  • CESW faculty, staff, and administration engage with Partnering School Districts in early exposure events.

Phase II – Continued Exposure and Engagement

  • During prospective candidates’ (PC) junior and/ or senior year, PCs will engage in at least one education concurrent enrollment course (SED 100, EDA 103, EDT 349, MUE 220 - successful audition required, HPE 186, EGP 209, MAT 101) utilizing HyFlex technology, online, or blending. The HyFlex technology allows concurrently enrolled students to attend class from the home school location. To provide students with the campus experience, EDT 349 will only be offered (in-person), during the summer semester. PCs will have an opportunity to earn 1-7 concurrent enrollment credits. Students must be a junior or senior with a 2.8 or higher high school GPA to enroll in concurrent courses. Students with a GPA below 2.8 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Rising seniors will participate in a summer on-campus experience at West Chester University.
  • PCs will attend at least one virtual and/or in-person event held at West Chester University in relation to majoring in Education.

Phase III – Admission into West Chester University Education Program

  • PCs who complete all aspects of Phase I and II with a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 and a minimum grade of C in all education concurrent enrollment courses will be awarded guaranteed admissions into a WCU education program with the application fee waived.
  • PCs with less than a 3.0 high school GPA may (it is not guaranteed) be granted admission. The application fee will be waived for PCs completing all aspects of Phase I and II.
  • PCs will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships specific to BIPOC applicants.
  • PCs will receive priority consideration for housing (the first-year only).
  • PCs will be invited to participate in an Admission Signing Day.

Phase IV – Matriculation

  • PCs will be invited to participate in mentorship and leadership development activities with WCU and Partnering School District personnel throughout matriculation.
  • PCs will be provided support in testing preparation.
  • PCs will be invited to participate in semesterly social events.
  • PCs will student teach in sponsoring Partnering School District.
  • PCs will participate in resume building and mock interview sessions with WCU Career Center.
  • PCs will be invited to participate in a Teacher Candidacy Rite of Passage Celebration.

Phase V – Graduation

  • The sponsoring Partnering School District will have the opportunity to offer a contract to PCs early.
  • PCs will be invited to participate in a Graduation Rite of Passage Celebration.
    • Cord/ Stoll for graduation