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a student-led journal focusing on issues of social justice

VOICES is a student-led, peer-reviewed, open-access journal that seeks to help social workers and socially conscious students raise their voices around issues of social justice.

All students and alumni of the MSW Program at WCU, are invited to submit original work to be considered for publication in our upcoming issues.

We invite personal perspectives on issues of social justice, submitted as photography, music, art, speech, poetry, writing, audio clip, etc.

Consider the following prompts to inspire your submission:

Toxic Work-Environments:
How do the work-environments in the social work field compare to other fields? What influences whether a work environment is “healthy” or “toxic”?

Self-Care and Boundaries:
When is it okay to say “no”? Who decides what boundaries are okay? What are important considerations for investigating and setting your own boundaries?

Micro vs Macro Social Work:
Is it necessary to practice both micro and macro social work? Why is there tension between them? What are the consequences of this tension?

How do we use our voices to advocate for ourselves and others? How do we preserve our voices from dilution while finding ways to function collaboratively in various systems?

Please send all submissions for VOICES to Dr. Meagan Corrado, faculty advisor.

Submissions will be de-identified and reviewed as they are received.

We look forward to seeing your perspectives!

VOICES is currently looking for student and alumni leaders to support future issues of the publication.

To get involved or learn more about this opportunity, email:

Dr. Meagan Corrado, faculty advisor
Kristen Lippolis, student editor

VOICES Student Editor

  • Kristen Lippolis

VOICES Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Meagan Corrado

VOICES Alumni Editor

  • Robert Graves
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