Pier Cicerelle, LSW, MSW, DSW

Dr. Pier Cicerelle, LSW, MSW, DSW

Assistant Professor


  • BA Anthropology: Penn State University
  • MSW: West Chester University
  • DSW: The University of Pennsylvania

"The educator has the duty of not being neutral" - Paulo Freire

Main areas of interest

  • Social work practice in medical settings
  • Social Determinants of Health, ACEs, and Trauma-informed care
  • Educational gag orders and academic freedom
  • Inclusivity, representation, and social justice issues within the LGBTQ+ community including LGBTQ+ healthcare


Dr. Cicerelle's foundation in cultural anthropology instilled in her a passion for examining the role of power, culture, and social context within social work practice and ethics. With 15 years of experience in emergency rooms and trauma ICUs, Dr. Cicerelle has worked extensively with individuals and families experiencing crisis after illness and traumatic accidents, including interpersonal violence and suicidality. Her teaching and research focus on orienting students to advanced practice from an anti-oppressive and anti-capitalist lens including intersectionality, harm reduction, and community care. Dr. Cicerelle's dissertation research examined the relationship between community-level ACEs and adherence to preventative healthcare. Her current research is focused on queer and trans-affirming healthcare practices and the impact of educational gag orders and anti-CRT legislation on social work education.

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