Dr. Gwenelle O'Neal Publishes New Book

From Oppression to Inclusion: Social Workers Advancing Change

One of her many publications within the social work discipline, Dr. O'Neal's new book provides students with a framework for examining the history of oppression and how it perpetuates social divisions and injustice. Unique to the text is the inclusion of culturally affirming material to help readers develop awareness of multicultural and intersectional voices, while promoting the practices of collaboration and capacity-building with community members to advance change. It encourages readers to understand innovative opportunities to provide leadership and facilitate partnerships with service users and community entities to advance social and economic justice.

MSW students in this semester's Dialectic of Oppression and Liberation course are the first WCU students to enjoy the newly released book that is sure to educate and influence readers for many years.

"After more than seven years of working on this text, through its release, I welcome the opportunity to support the communities we work with and encourage students, social workers, our allies and bystanders to facilitate discussions among service users, stakeholders and local agency representatives to develop policies and service strategies that advance social, economic and environmental justice and diminish harm.

Through a broader understanding of all cultural strengths, mutual interests, and skill development for collaboration to enhance voting rights, minimum wage, education, healthcare, criminal justice, affordable housing, environmental protections, food security, and the other elements that impact humans, we can help foster positive change."

- Gwenelle O'Neal, MSW, DSW, LSW


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