Lisa G. Allen, MSW, LSW

Lisa G. Allen, MSW, LSW

Director of Field Education 
Anderson Hall 407

At a young age, I was inspired by observing my parents' compassion for helping others. This inspiration led me to do various types of volunteer work in my high school years. A sociology class in high school subconsciously sparked my interest in social work. Once I discovered what social work entailed, I knew that I found the perfect field for my skills and ambitions.

During my 24 years of social work practice, I have worked with the child welfare, the elderly, and the sex offender populations. It has been an honor in my role as a social worker over the years to be a part of my clients’ lives, working to facilitate positive changes. It was my role as the Student Intern Coordinator at the Chester County Department of Children, Youth and Families that led me to my current role as the Director of Field Education.

Lisa's role

Lisa is responsible for arranging field placements for all MSW students on the campus in West Chester. This process includes meeting with each student individually to identify their areas of interest to help match and refer them with appropriate agencies. She also develops and maintains relationships with community-based organizations such as hospitals, schools, mental health agencies, and nursing homes.

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