Kimberly Elizabeth-Johnson, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition


Dr. Kimberly Elizabeth-Johnson earned a BS in Nutrition Science from Cornell University and an MS in Child and Family Studies and PhD in Social Sciences with emphasis on food and nutrition policy through Syracuse University. She has clinical and food management experience in healthcare and over a decade of university teaching experience. Dr. Johnson researches public engagement in science and policy of food, nutrition, and food landscapes, and how it influences health and citizenship. Her work examines commodity-seed oils, dietary fats, and food processing using a bio-cultural and ecological approach. Dr. Johnson’s teaching interests include lifecycle and community nutrition, cultural and social theory of nutrition, food and nutrition policy and ethics, and food history. Using service learning in her classes, Dr. Johnson received a Chancellor’s Inspiration Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship from Syracuse University in 2013. Dr. Johnson is also committed to community projects in local and sustainable food systems.

Gerontology Courses Taught

  • NTD 601. Nutrition and Health in Aging

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