The West Chester University MSW Program is committed to preparing students to respond to the needs of vulnerable and oppressed individuals, families and communities through the lens of human rights and social and economic justice. To that end, we hold ourselves and our students to the highest standards of professional behavior and to the NASW Code of Ethics.

Behavioral Expectations


  • Meets attendance expectations of classes, field placement and other meetings with regularity and reliability
  • Notifies professors, field instructors and colleagues prior to any absences or late arrivals
  • Arrives for class, field placement and other meetings prepared to participate
  • Meets course expectations


  • Demonstrates integrity and honesty in all matters
  • Demonstrates willingness to work collaboratively with others
  • Shows respect for others’ opinions
  • Remains open to positive and constructive feedback from peers, faculty, staff and field instructors
  • Demonstrates a willingness to understand and engage difference and diversity


  • Demonstrates effective and respectful verbal and non-verbal communication (e.g. eye contact, personal space)
  • Demonstrates the ability to discuss and process information
  • Articulate ideas, thoughts, and concepts clearly

Self-Awareness and Self-Control

  • Communicates effectively and respectfully
  • Demonstrates an awareness of personal strengths and challenges
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the appropriate use of self-disclosure
  • Demonstrates emotional regulation
  • Demonstrates unimpaired judgment and decision-making

Use of Technology

  • Uses public and private technology (including but not limited to social networking, texting or emailing, voicemail, data storage) in a professional manner
  • Abides by specific classroom and field policies regarding use of all technologies
  • Follows the ethical and legal standards for privacy and confidentiality in accordance with state, federal, agency and institutional standards
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