Michelle Smith Headshot


Early Grades Preparation Major

Michelle served with International Volunteer Headquarters in Nepal's teaching program through Hope and Home, an in-country organization for almost a month last summer.


She served rural communities in Nepal:

  • taught mainly science and math in two public schools constructed of bamboo,
  • taught English at a community night class of approximately 20 children, ages 3 - 13 years old,
  • made daily lessons plans for both day and evening classes,
  • served in an orphanage during after-school hours.

Two months before Michelle arrived in Nepal, in April 2015 the country experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. In addition to her demanding schedule of teaching and helping at the orphanage, Michelle was able to fundraise and personally contribute and deliver (with help from coordinators) a one-month supply of rice, potatoes and oil to 100 families as well as bring school supplies and hygiene items to her community class.

Michelle states: "Volunteering in Nepal not only made me fall in love with the country, the culture, and the people, but it also made me fall in love with teaching."

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