To receive information about completing an educator preparation program to teach in PA, review the departmental website and contact the departmental representative listed below:

Department Contact Phone
Biology Dr. Brett Criswell 610-436-2898
Chemistry Dr. Brett Criswell 610-436-2898
Communication Sciences and Disorders Dr. Jennifer Means 610-436-3447
Earth and Space Science/General Science Dr. Brett Criswell  610-436-2108
Early and Middle Grades Education* Dr. Michael Ryan  610-436-3071
English Dr. Laura Renzi 610-436-1040
Foreign Languages  Meg Niiler 610-436-2382
Foreign Languages Dr. Mahmoud Amer  
Health & Physical Education Dr. Fran Cleland 610-436-2145
History/Social Studies** Dr. Karin Gedge 610-436-2971
Literacy/Reading Specialist Dr. Kevin Flanigan 610-430-5642
Mathematics Dr. Daniel Ilaria 610-436-3248
Music Dr. Marci Major 610-436-3030
Physics Dr. Brett Criswell 610-436-2898
School Counseling Dr. Karen Dickinson 610-436-2559x2552
School Nurse Dr. Megan Mraz 610-430-4408
Special Education Dr. Christy Hicks  610-436-3067
TESL Dr. Esther Smidt 610-738-0410

Dr. Jacqueline Van Schooneveld


* Formerly Elementary/Early Childhood Education 
** The social studies Post Baccalaureate teacher certification program has been indefinitely suspended.

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