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In 1990 the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act was enacted to honor the memory of Jeanne Clery; murdered by another student in her on-campus residence hall room in the spring of 1986. Jeanne's parents believed if she had known about crime in the area she could have made more informed decisions for her safety which could have spared her life.

The law was later renamed the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 USC Section 1092 (f), also referred to as the Clery Act. Though the law was first enacted 34 years ago the mission remains the same:

To provide timely information to the community about crime occurring in the area so the community can make informed decisions regarding their safety and safety of others.

This website serves as a platform of information and resources to help the West Chester University campus community understand the Clery Act, provide easily accessible campus crime information and statistics, and support other initiatives related to West Chester University's compliance with the Clery Act.

Timely Warnings and
Emergency Notifications

  • Timely Warnings
    • A Timely Warning is issued for all Clery Act crimes occurring in West Chester University's Clery geography that are:
      • reported to a Campus Security Authority or local police agencies and;
      • considered by the institution to represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees.
  • Emergency Notifications
    • Under the Clery Act, West Chester University is required to immediately notify the campus community upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation occurring on the campus that involves an immediate threat to the health of safety of students or employees. An "immediate threat" used here includes an imminent or impending threat. Some examples of when an emergency notification would be issued include but are not limited to: approaching severe weather, earthquake, gas leak, terrorist incident, armed intruder, bomb threat, civil unrest, explosion or a chemical or hazardous waste spill.





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